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SlideBelts Inc. Seasonal Kiosk

Posted September 26, 2017

SlideBelts, Inc is an innovative fashion company. Our current products are high-quality leather belts that have no holes. The SlideBelts office and warehouse is located in El Dorado Hills. SlideBelts is looking for a smart, tech savvy individual with a thirst for knowledge and passion for personal growth.

The Seasonal Sales Associate will be responsible for interacting with our guests and performing sales transactions at our kiosk in the Arden Fair mall. We have a prime location this year and are expecting traffic to be high and sales continuous!

They may also be responsible for preparing and packaging products, handling exchanges and returns, and other guest service interactions.

Training will commence here at SlideBelts HQ to familiarize yourself with our team and our products Oct 18-Nov 1. Kiosk hours will be offered at a full time number Nov 1-Dec 31st (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which we will not have the kiosk running for)

This is an opportunity to work hard in a fast paced environment with fast paced results!

Duties and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Deliver above-and-beyond guest service.

  • Think creatively about ways in which we can optimize each guest’s experience.

  • Prepare outbound shipments, accurately fulfill orders, and ensure all interactions are processed in a timely manner.

  • Keep up with fluctuating demand and prioritized tasks.

  • Ensures neat, clean and organized kiosk; performs all assigned cleaning duties.

  • Urgent approach to the daily tasks. Efficiency and speed while maintaining the SlideBelts standard of quality.


  • Passion for the SlideBelts brand: must embody SlideBelts culture and believe in the company spirit.

  • Independent; self-starter; self-sufficient.

  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills; ability to communicate down, across and up within the organization.

  • Ability to identify, understand, and analyze issues, problems, and opportunities.

  • Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple projects and set priorities.

  • Inspires confidence from their achievements that they will deliver. Done! Done! Done!

  • General awesomeness and a sense of humor. Delivers what is promised.

Education and/or Experience                    

  • High school diploma or equivalent education plus a minimum of 1-2 years experience in related guest service, specialty retail office setting.

  • Tech. literate; MS Office: Outlook, Word, Excel.

Physical requirements:

  • Employees may be required to stand for extended Periods of time. Occasionally lift heavy objects weighing 45 lbs. 

To get an idea of what kind of company/people we are, check out our 7 keys that we live by on a daily basis:

7 Keys to working at SlideBelts 

1. “Get Your Shift Together!”
I am always on time and a master in the art of being early. I am punctual for all my shifts: for my Guests, for my team, and for myself. On time, all the time. I follow my daily schedule, and punctually leave and return from breaks.

2. Energetic & Friendly Mood 
YEAH!!!”  I always enter work with a positive and optimistic attitude. I am CEANⁿ at all times for all Guests, for all my co-workers, and most importantly, for myself. 

3. Stay in the Loop
I always read the daily company updates and apply the messages from my leaders. I keep others in the loop and informed with the progress of my tasks and my schedule – too much info is better than too little!

4. Sense of Urgency 
“Go! Go! Go!” - I have an outstanding work ethic and take an urgent approach to the daily tasks. Every day is a battle and every detail counts. I can dig deep, work hard, and push through all mental barriers.

5. Open-Mind Policy
I am always open to try something new and can learn something from everyone. I am always on the lookout for learning opportunities and for ways to improve myself.

6. “Get ‘er Done!”
I execute my tasks and follow up religiously. If something is assigned to me, I complete… If it isn’t assigned to me, I am proactive. If you start something, finish it.

7. Consistent
I consistently nail down the basics --- and because I am consistent, I am reliable. “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”   -Jim Rohn

PLEASE NOTE: Invitations to interviews come in email form and have been known to be lost in spam folders. Please be checking email thoroughly to ensure that your opportunity to meet with us isn't missed!

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