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Uncharted - Tyson Anthony Roberts

Catch Tyson Anthony Roberts’ vibrant mural at Arden Fair. The colorful mural will be on display beginning May 18th! #unchARTed 

Through the combined efforts of artists and imaginative thinkers, #unchARTed at Arden Fair aims to curate uplifting art and encourage others to immerse themselves in new concepts of creativity. Explore with Arden Fair and UpperCloud as we produce compelling art programming throughout 2018.

Tyson is an artist and muralist based in Sacramento, CA. He has been painting for over a decade and finds fulfillment in enriching the lives of others with his artwork. His current studio works and murals are overflowing with vivid floral arrangements, botanical scenes and unique plants. The works are composed by layering color, line and bold saturated marks that coalesce into a crescendo of harmonies dedicated to the healing power of plants.

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